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DCC Retreat

Feb 28-Mar 1, 2020

Jericho House, Port Colborne, Ont.

What to Expect?

Our first national DCC retreat arrives.

The DCC retreat is a POC-exclusive, queer/trans-inclusive, healing and celebratory space that will offer a series of practical, and interactive workshops as well as healing practices with IBPOC teachers and facilitators that hold a diversity of wisdom and lineages. Throughout the process of our time together we will work in community to tackle some of the difficult issues of trauma, racism, privilege and oppression using an embodied storytelling framework.

DISRUPT. HEAL. LEAD. will specifically seek to create abundant space for folks to relish in the spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual spaces of ease, pleasure, and joy on our road to liberation! There will be ample space in the retreat schedule for rest and to engage in self and community care and healing.

Workshop Sessions

AnaYelsi will be leading us in 4 medicine-making workshops to guide us in accessing our unique stories about race and faith. Through art creation, ancestral exploration, and storytelling we will engage ourselves, our peoples, and our shared journey towards healing and joy.

Communinty Care

Including opportunities to participate in community acupuncture, art-making, and empathy through movement. Find a space for silent meditation too.


You’re not alone! Ample opportunity to connect with new and old friends on the journey to liberation! 

Our Plenary

Our main speaker, not including more workshop opportunities including our own DCC team.

AnaYelsi Velasco-Sanchez

AnaYelsi Velasco-Sanchez

Born in Venezuela, AnaYelsi Velasco-Sanchez (she/her/hers) is an IndoLatinx mujerista working to create and agitate her way through the Latin diaspora.  With over a decade of non-profit and faith-based community organizing experience, she now works independently—pursuing justice in an interlocking way. As a consultant, equity educator, writer, and visual artist, AnaYelsi’s work seeks to kick up the dust around conversations of faith and spirituality- broadening these conversations beyond what has traditionally been provided by White/straight/male/academic gatekeepers, excavate a desire in others to examine their spiritual practice and its relationship to colonization, white supremacy, cisheteropatriarchy, and nationalism, and create art, space, resources, words, and relational opportunities for moving towards shared liberation and healing.

AnaYelsi is the founder of En Conjunto—a collective providing support, community, resources, and collaborative opportunities to People of Color working independently at the intersection of justice and spirituality. She is a co-coordinator with Liberation School South, fortifying and supporting changemakers in movement building to center healing and spiritual practice, and is the co-host for the Mystic Soul podcast with Teresa P. Mateus. She serves on the board of the Festival Center in Washington, DC and is affiliated with the Mystic Soul Project and the Union of Affirming Christians

AnaYelsi loves disappearing for hours in an art museum, feeding people a homemade flan of which she is unabashedly proud, reading everything she can get her hands on, and watching an absurd number of problematic made-for-tv holiday rom-coms.


She lives in Washington, D.C. 


Jericho House in Port Colborne, Ontario.

10845 Rathfon Rd, Port Colborne, ON L3K 5V4

From Friday evening to Sunday mid-day.


All meals included in our registration price of $200.

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